Friday, January 31, 2014

Climber 1st pass

1st Pass at our climber for our new student film "Rams Horn" As this is my first attempt at modeling a human character there are some flaws in the Topology. I will be needing to re-model, but for my first time I felt it was a success.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


 I textured him using Mari. We used the patch system for his body as to allow more detail spread across different UV maps. His body consists of six different texture maps including emission. 
Note: I did not create or manipulate the green grass sim. Our character effects team created that portion after I completed his textures.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Owned Main Render

Main render from our Student film "Owned"
Everything in blue I worked on, and the list is as follows:

Garjin: The character on the right. I textured him using Mari. See his post for more info.

The tree: I created the tree in Maya and sculpted further in Mudbox. I textured the tree in Mudbox and further in Mari.

The Pillars, Ceiling, and Walls: Created in Maya, textured in mudbox.
The Temple asset the tree's branches hold to on the left (see zoomed out image): I'm working on getting a main render of that building as it is quite nice. I had to simplify the building due a previous persons first pass being way to heavy and too many edge loops. After that I re - UV mapped it and textured it in Mudbox.

Background buildings:
I textured the background buildings in Mudbox. They are small textures as they are not very close up or important.

Rams Horn Mountain 1st Pass

Based upon a concept painting, this is a first pass at the main mountain for our new student film "Rams Horn" I was trying to achieve the look and feel of the mountain without getting to heavy in polygons. It took some thinking but I was able to get the look I wanted without creating a very heavy asset. This can now be pushed further in the second pass.

Concept Street Bike


Concept bike I am currently exploring in my free time. Model is about 80% there. Some of the major challenges being the engine and exhaust. Also the rear suspension needs tweaking. I've had to veer away from parts of my concept as they weren't practical and/or needing adjustment. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ice Axe Texture Pass

Concept ice climbing axe for our upcomming student film: Rams Horn
Textured in Mari, rendered in Maya mental ray. 
Model provided by model team.