Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Owned Main Render

Main render from our Student film "Owned"
Everything in blue I worked on, and the list is as follows:

Garjin: The character on the right. I textured him using Mari. See his post for more info.

The tree: I created the tree in Maya and sculpted further in Mudbox. I textured the tree in Mudbox and further in Mari.

The Pillars, Ceiling, and Walls: Created in Maya, textured in mudbox.
The Temple asset the tree's branches hold to on the left (see zoomed out image): I'm working on getting a main render of that building as it is quite nice. I had to simplify the building due a previous persons first pass being way to heavy and too many edge loops. After that I re - UV mapped it and textured it in Mudbox.

Background buildings:
I textured the background buildings in Mudbox. They are small textures as they are not very close up or important.

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